Our history


1994 Company setup, 4 employees, extensive lecture campaign showing benefits of Rapid Prototyping for Czech and Slovak businesses (in cooperation with 3D Systems, HEK GmbH and universities in Pilsen, Prague, Brno and Zilina); first larger deals (Woco)
1995 Commencement of cooperation with Škoda Auto a.s. (machining parts at cooperation sites); first application of a stereolithographic part in precision casting (in cooperation with Rieter Elitex)
1996  10 employees, extension of production space
1997 Renting of two machine tools in an external company – partly with operators – manufacture of three-cylinder engine blocks prototypes and adaptation of valve seats for Škoda Auto
1998 Installation of the first RP equipment in the Czech Republic and Slovakia – SLA-250 stereolithograph – together with vacuum casting technology by HEK; installation of own CNC Bridgeport milling machine
1999 Purchase of an additional SLA-3500 stereolithograph with larger building space; purchase of a larger HEK vacuum chamber for vacuum casting; implementation of small low-pressure RIM equipment
2001 Relocation to larger space (1,100 m²); installation of SLS-250P equipment for plastic prototypes; installation of a large instrument table for product measurement; production of control elements, production of high-pressure molds for RIM; extension of cooperation with Škoda Auto
2002 Manufacture of prototype headlights for Bentley – assignment from Škoda Auto
2003 ISO-9001 certification
2004 Installation of an additional vacuum chamber with differential pressuring of spaces; extended cooperation with Automotive Lighting, FRG; manufacture of grille prototypes for Honda Civic and prototype mold for the front headlights body and manufacture of pressings from this mold; 45 workers
2005 The company was heavily downsized after a not very successful project for Automotive Lighting– after incurring high losses at the beginning of the year we managed to return the company to the black figures also through a reduction of staff to 20 and the foreign sell-off of then non-profit-making SLS technology
2006 First installation an Objet 3D printer in the Czech Republic and Slovakia; extensive promotion activity in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in order to show customers advantages of high-precision technology; experiments with multicolor printing for use by surgeons – successful application during mandible operation in Košice
2007 Installation of a larger vacuum chamber with differential pressuring and possibility of casting wax models for precision casting
2008 Relocation to larger space – still under a lease; installation of a five-axis CNC milling machine for mold production and an additional 3-axis milling machine; hiring new workers
2010 Purchase of a small backup Objet 30 3D printer
2011 Purchase of a manufacturing shop floor in Ondřejov, its complete renovation and adaptation; with a target usable area of 1,300 m²
2012 Development and manufacture of the first functional prototype of our own CNC milling machine – a router – used for small parts of light materials
2013 After a two-year decline of one division the headcount was reduced to 23; however immediately afterwards, thanks to a sharp increase in projects, it was again increased to 33 at the end of 2013; purchase of a new Objet 500V 3D printer with larger building space and, at the same time, shutdown of the original Objet 350 printer that had produced models for more than 10 years
2014 Completed installation of a new CNC milling machine by Haas; design and manufacture of our own additional 3-axis milling machine with a powerful high-speed spindle; purchase of equipment for surface painting with UV lacquers
2015 Purchase of a Romer measurement and scanning arm with possibility of enlarging the measured range by transfer; purchase of land for future enlargement of production space with an area of approximately 3,000 m²
2016 Purchase of an additional Dynamic 5-axis CNC milling machine by Sahos; plans launched for enlarging production premises; construction and commissioning of a paintshop for manual painting with a USI Italia paint box and drying cycle programming; complete change of company image including the twenty-year-old logo in order to move the company and services to a higher level of quality; implementation of information systems for production control and customer tracking; launched preparation for VW audit