Experience and creativity

Our staff consists of a strong team of sales representatives who are ready to handle your request. We have a team of experienced, precise and knowledgeable employees in the production department. The entire process starts in the CAD department where they deal with data design and 3D printer operation. Then there are programmers and operators who handle four 3-axis and two 5-axis milling centers that can mill PU and epoxy (artificial wood) blocks, PMMA (plexiglass) and AL alloys. The production team is complemented by prototype mold designers and pourers whose job is to make silicone molds and cast PU castings into these molds. The production process concludes with finishers and painters ensuring the final quality of your products by means of both grinding and final painting in a professional painting box according to your wishes. Each part then passes through the technical inspection department that carefully checks each product.