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Who we are

We are pioneers of the Rapid Prototyping technology in the Czech Republic. We are a forward-looking family business with a fair approach. We are not afraid of any challenges and we tackle problems or order to reach maximum customer satisfaction. We implement your ideas and dreams.

For more than 20 years we have been making prototypes for a large number of final manufacturers. We deliver high-quality, visually accurate products in short delivery times and have almost unlimited finishing possibilities.

Advanced technology

We use advanced technology. We combine the advantages of rapid prototyping technology (Rapid Prototyping) and modern engineering technology such as CNC machining and 3D printing.

Experienced team

Technology is not the only key factor; another one of our pillars is human creativity and experience.

What we do

We make prototypes and customized products based on data of our customers.
We focus on a wide range of industries and constantly look for new opportunities.
We mostly work for the following sectors:

manufacture of car interiors and exteriors

One of our very strong segments is automotive. In this field our long-term key partner is Škoda Auto a.s. For this car manufacturer, as well as others, we make headlight sets or their parts, namely cast clear parts (also multicolored), milled, functional optical elements (e.g. light conductors) and cover glasses that we polish to perfect transparency, as well as internal electronics and completion. We also have extensive experience in the manufacture of interiors and exteriors from artificial wood blocks with various properties. Last but not least we make PU castings that are used in all car parts, starting with wheel hubcaps, through plastic trunk lining (e.g. for Škoda Kodiaq), functional assemblies of storage containers (including alignment and securing functionality with springs, lighting and other components), and ending with dashboard buttons with a topcoat and subsequent laser painting of symbols or front assembly of grilles with a grid (Honda Civic 2008). As to milling viewed from another process angle we also make control models or preparations for pre-serial and serial products, including custom-specified color painting and inspection protocols. Therefore, we can implement an idea from a part printed on a 3D printer, through castings and milled parts, to a final topcoat, plating with metal, graining and other kinds of surface treatments.

Sanitary installations
manufacture of models and molds

One of the very beautiful fields is the ceramic industry – manufacture of sanitary furnishings. Over the last several years we have made presentation and testing models of toilets, washbasins and other furnishings for companies such as Laufen, Roca, or Ideal Standard. Thanks to topcoats we can deliver parts for water tests as well as presentation purposes. We also make molds for the manufacture of sanitary fittings.

Foundry industry
manufacture of models and castings with subsequent treatment

We have had interesting projects in foundry industry. We make mother models for polystyrene (milled) and wax (cast to flexible or combined molds) casting by means of dispensable patterns. We have long-term experience with model design for casting to sand and cores. Using such models we can arrange, in external cooperation, the casting of steel and aluminium alloys – together with their subsequent treatment, e.g. milling, painting, fitting and completion with other parts.

Health care
manufacture of models up to a 1:1 scale

Health care is the industry for which Rapid Prototyping technology is recently quite attractive and it allows for the implemention of very advanced new procedures.

We have had an opportunity to participate in several life-saving projects (pioneer work on joint replacement models for the Beznoska Company and Vinohrady Hospital in 1994 as well as jaw models for complicated operations of facial areas). In this field we can transfer CT data to a 3D model which can then be printed on 3D printers. Thanks to this, you can examine a specific part of human body and review it thoroughly. Within this model you can also try the upcoming intervention without threatening a patient’s life. We should also mention the cooperation with the TSE Company, for whom we made gasket castings for baby incubators. It goes without saying that we observe all necessary requirements for material safety.

Arts industry
manufacture of costume, stage set and artwork model components

In the world of film cameras we can make models, parts of costumes or stage sets both on 3D printers and by means of milling. Here imagination is not really limited. Final treatment with painting is made in a professional painting box by the Italian company USI.

Of the many projects in the arts industry, we would like to highlight the manufacture of model parts for casting the Václav bell for the Church of St. Havel that we enthusiastically performed for the renowned Studio Olgoj Chorchoj in 2016.

Electrotechnical industry
Products for development and presentation purposes

In the field of electrotechnology 3D printing and PU castings to flexible molds are mostly used. We have vast experience with various temperature-resistant materials. We can make contact pins and then cast them accurately to PU castings and do the same with printed circuit boards. We produce and assemble functional sets with serial pieces and secure their mechanical functionality. Of course we apply various surface treatment methods for both presentation and functional purposes.

Why us

The uniqueness of each project is our signature and our thorough approach to it guarantees a true partnership.


Our objective and mission is ever-increasing product quality so that the customer is amazed in the same way as we make it. We do our absolute best to fulfil such expectations.

Fast delivery

Optimization of production processes and capacity as well as the development of new technologies enable us to shorten delivery times so that we can satisfy almost every customer.

Synergy of technologies

We combine advantages of the Rapid Prototyping technology and modern engineering technology such as CNC machining and 3D printing.

High qualified and enthusiastic team

We put an emphasis on better-than-average qualification of workers as well as their autonomy. Part of our philosophy is continuous deepening of technical knowledge; we incessantly study and apply new materials and design new technologies and procedures. Machinery cannot really do everything; therefore we employ a large team of experienced and skillful workers in our hand workshop.


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